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Moon Theatre Company Issues Open Letter to the Loveland City Council Regarding Proposed Rate Changes at the Loveland Rialto Theater

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Loveland City Council:

The Moon Theatre Company has been proud to bring community theater to the city of Loveland for several years, performing in the historic Rialto Theater. It has been our pleasure and honor to be a part of the arts culture of the City of Loveland and the vibrant downtown Loveland community.

​We were therefore very sad to hear that the Council is considering increasing rental rates for the Rialto for community theater and performing arts groups. It is our understanding that this is being done to increase access to the theater for outside acts and shows.

​Loveland has a reputation as a focal point of the arts in Larimer County. One only need to walk through downtown Loveland or along the lakefront to see the appreciation for art that exists in Loveland. Dedication to art, however, requires commitment, and part of that commitment means encouraging participation in the arts for your own citizens and for local performing arts groups. If only touring national companies have access to the city’s signature performance venue, the citizens of Loveland has lost access to local talent that cannot be easily replaced. Let’s be clear: pushing local performing arts groups out of the Rialto will greatly deprive the citizens of Loveland from the enrichment and pride of community that can come from enjoying the work of local artists.

​Additionally, ensuring access to the Rialto for local performance arts groups makes financial sense. In every show produced by the Moon Theatre Company, numerous actors and crew members spend their days and evenings in Loveland, and when the show opens their family and friends come in to the see the shows. They buy dinner and visit downtown shops before or after the show. These are local residents who may find a new favorite restaurant or shop to frequent, benefiting the city not just on the night of the performance but for years to come.

​Please, consider the long-term value of local performing artists to your city, both in terms of the spirit of your community as well as the financial benefits. We and other local groups that perform at the Rialto wish to continue to the mutually beneficial relationship that we have had with the City of Loveland, and will be proud to do so if we are not excluded.

The Board of Directors
​Moon Theatre Company, Inc.

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