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Man for All Seasons - Jan 16 - 25

by Robert Bolt
Directed by Kathleen Gruman

A Man for All Seasons is based on the true story of Sir Thomas More, the 16th-century Chancellor of England, who refuses to endorse or denounce the king's wish to divorce his aging wife so that he can marry his mistress and produce a male heir to the throne. The King, Henry VIII of England, is supported by everyone on this request except the highly devout Sir Thomas More. When Cardinal Wolsey, Chancellor of England, names More as his successor, it becomes important for Henry to get More's support, but More cannot be swayed. Henry demands the clergy renounce the Pope and to name him Head of the Church of England. Oliver Cromwell frames More, forcing him to resign as Chancellor. Eventually More is brought to trial for treason.

This play asks the question, "How far would you go to stay true to your conscience?"

I Hate Hamlet - May 22 - 31

​by Paul Rudnick

Director TBA

A young and successful television actor relocates to New York, where he rents a marvelous, gothic apartment. With his television career in limbo, the actor is offered the opportunity to play Hamlet onstage, but there's one problem: He hates Hamlet. His dilemma deepens with the entrance of John Barrymore's ghost, who arrives intoxicated and in full costume to the apartment that once was his. The contrast between the two actors, the towering, dissipated Barrymore whose Hamlet was the greatest of his time, and Andrew Rally, hot young television star, leads to a wildly funny duel over women, art, success, duty, television, and yes, the apartment. "…fast-mouthed and funny…It has the old-fashioned Broadway virtues of brightness without pretensions and sentimentality without morals." —Village Voice. "…unapologetically silly and at times hilarious…affectionately amusing about the theatre…" —NY Times.

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A Man for All Seasons

Jan 16 - 25

I Hate Hamlet

​May 22-31

Auditions for A Man For All Seasons will be held November 14 from 6:30 to 8:30 and November 15, from 2-4 PM. at the Berthoud Remax office on 340 Mountain in Berthoud. The production will be the middle two weeks in January at the Rialto Theater in Loveland. No need for an appointment or monologue, just come on down with your best classical mindset! For more information, call director Kathleen Gruman at 970-290-3393.

Auditions: A Man for All Seasons